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“Enemy Aliens”: The Internment of Jewish Refugees in Canada, 1940–1943

The “Enemy Aliens” online exhibition explores a little-known chapter of Canadian history through artefacts and eyewitness testimony. This online exhibition features a comprehensive teaching resource, the Learning Object Collection, which was developed in partnership with Dr. Peter Seixas, Director of UBC’s Centre for the Study of Historical Consciousness. The Learning Object Collection includes exhibit-based lesson plans […]

More Than Just Games: Canada and the 1936 Olympics

The More Than Just Games online exhibition presents five lessons that encourage students to critically examine the history of the 1936 Games and Canada’s response to Nazism. The exhibition is an educational opportunity for students of Canadian history and as a model for developing historical thinking. View Online Exhibit

In Defiance: Jewish Resistance During the Holocaust

Although many early histories of the Holocaust portrayed Jews as passive victims, recent accounts have contributed to a more nuanced representation of Jews as active resisters. Jewish resistance assumed many forms and took place at the various moments and settings of the Holocaust. As Nazi power expanded across Europe, Jews responded to changing circumstances. They […]

Faces of Survival: Photographs by Marissa Roth

June 2018 – August 2019 Faces of Survival is a commissioned series of portraits of Holocaust survivors by Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Marissa Roth. The 40 portraits depict the survivors—volunteer VHEC board members and Holocaust survivor speakers both past and present—in a unique and powerful way. Generously Supported by The Diamond Foundation

In Focus: The Holocaust Through the VHEC Collection

June 2018 – June 2019 In Focus: The Holocaust Through the VHEC Collection displays more than 80 distinctive artefacts donated by local Holocaust survivors offering a narrative of the Holocaust through historical themes. Generously supported by: The Province of British Columbia through the British Columbia | Canada 150: Celebrating B.C. Communities and their Contributions to Canada grant […]