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November 2022: A revival of In Focus: The Holocaust through the VHEC Collection  

Returning in November 2022, the In Focus exhibition, originally created and installed in 2018, will provide a thematic introduction to the Holocaust through artefacts and testimonies from the VHEC collection.

Through the powerful lens of personal experience, including testimonies from local survivors and other eyewitnesses, visitors will gain a deeper understanding of the depth and scope of an unprecedented event in human history.

January 2023: A new exhibition on propaganda during the Holocaust  

The VHEC is developing an exhibition (opening January 2023) exploring the role and impact of propaganda during the Holocaust. The exhibition will emphasize the different ways the Nazis propagated antisemitism and how it played a key role in the persecution of Jews. Visitors will be invited to actively question, analyze and seek truth, and understand how and why propaganda continues to be relevant today.