Discovery Kits

Discovery kits are available for four-week loan periods free of charge and are recommended for students of grades 6 to 12. The kits include reproductions of documents and artefacts from the VHEC and other collections. Learning is supported by student information cards and teachers’ guides. Pick-up and delivery or courier costs are the responsibility of the teacher.

Outside the Attic Walls

Outside the Attic Walls complements the study of Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl and features artefacts such as: a Jewish star sewn onto a coat, a child’s toy, identity cards, ration coupons and photographs belonging to child survivors of the Holocaust who, like Anne Frank, were hidden in the Netherlands. Recommended for Grade 5 and above.

Sponsored by the Vancouver Foundation.

Journey to Canada:
The War Orphans Project 1947–1949

Journey to Canada explores the aftermath of war, the arrival of Holocaust orphans in Canada and Canada’s multicultural immigration history. The kit makes use of primary artefacts such as: letters, diaries, newspaper articles, photographs, identification cards and government documents. The seven modules can be set up as stations and used for individual or group work. Recommended for Grade 7 and above.

Sponsored by BC Heritage Trust, Xerox Canada & Pacific Bindery Services Ltd.

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