Teaching Resources

Teaching the Holocaust can present a range of unique challenges, depending on your motivation. Learning about the Holocaust raises difficult questions and deciding where to begin and what to bring to class can be overwhelming.

The VHEC offers the following teaching resources to help educators. Our resources accommodate unique teaching and learning requirements and varied schedules.

Teacher’s Guides

Teacher’s guides complement current and past VHEC exhibitions and support classroom learning. They include pre- and post-museum visit activities, discussion questions, student readings, primary documents, glossaries, timelines and recommended resources.

Primary Voices

Primary Voices: Teaching Through Holocaust Survivor Testimony is a VHEC-developed, web-based Holocaust educational resource that includes lesson plans and student worksheets to explore survivor testimony.

Antisemitism Workshop

Developed by the VHEC in response to the rise of antisemitism, this online workshop provides practical step-by-step guidelines and empowers students to become upstanders against antisemitism and other forms of racism.

Online Symposium on the Holocaust

At the VHEC’s Online Symposium on the Holocaust, students engage with a historian and a Holocaust Survivor Speaker. The symposium supports teaching about the Holocaust in a variety of settings, including home-based learning.