Teaching Resources

Teachers’ Guides

Teachers’ guides complement current and past VHEC exhibitions and support classroom learning. They include pre- and post-museum visit activities, discussion questions, student readings, primary documents, glossaries, timelines and recommended resources.

Borrow for the Classroom

Discovery Kits

Discovery kits are available for four-week loan periods free of charge and are recommended for students of grades 6 to 12. The kits include reproductions of documents and artefacts from the VHEC and other collections. Students are encouraged to examine, describe and analyze the artefacts as a way to investigate issues of discrimination, segregation, hiding, resistance, as well as the aftermath of war and immigration. Learning is supported by student information cards and teachers’ guides. Pick-up and delivery or courier costs are the responsibility of the teacher.

Classroom Book Sets

Classroom book sets are chosen to engage young learners while offering insight into the authors’ experiences of the Holocaust. They are recommended for students of grades 6 to 12. Classroom book sets are available for four-week loan periods free of charge. Each set contains 30 copies of the book, and some include additional resources and readings. Pick-up, delivery, or courier costs are the responsibility of the teacher.

Primary Voices

Primary Voices: Teaching Through Holocaust Survivor Testimony is a VHEC-developed web-based Holocaust educational resource that includes:

  • Lesson plans
  • Student worksheets and classroom activities
  • Excerpts of digitized audio-visual testimonies from the VHEC’s testimony collection

Primary Voices creates opportunities for students to interact with Holocaust survivor’s accounts of persecution, loss and survival. Excerpts from the VHEC’s Holocaust testimony collection are accompanied by comprehensive lesson plans, student worksheets, and suggested activities informed by 21st-century learning and core competencies of the BC curriculum.

Through Primary Voices, educators and students can engage with Holocaust testimony in a lesson, within a larger unit, or as part of an independent research project. Materials are recommended for students in grades 8 through 12, with adaptations possible for intermediate grades.

Worksheets for Analyzing Primary Sources

These worksheets and specially designed for independent student inquiry and facilitate learning via primary sources from the VHEC’s archives, museum, library and testimony collection. Students can choose from hundreds of digitally available documents, objects and photographs, and use the worksheets to study their historical significance.


Lightbox is an online tool for exploring and sharing the VHEC’s collection of artefacts, documents, testimonies and photographs in a classroom context. Through a one-step registration, teachers and students can curate their own selection of items from the VHEC archives, museum, library and testimony holdings. Selected catalogue records can be annotated, shared and presented through a web-based slideshow, viewed on an interactive timeline or shared in a digital workspace with interactive features.

IHRA Recommendations on Teaching & Learning About the Holocaust

These recommendations, written by a group of experts from the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), are crafted to help educators with fact-based and educationally sound techniques for teaching the complex and nuanced history of the Holocaust.