To help limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus, in-person school tours are cancelled until further notice. 


We are currently working on a video-recorded guided tour by curator Dr. Ilona Shulman Spaar through the current exhibition Treasured Belongings: The Hahn Family & the Search for a Stolen Legacy. A teachers’ guide that is based on the exhibition will complement the tour. Both resources will be free of charge and easily accessible. STAY TUNED!

Most of what you will want to know about our museum tours is asked and answered below.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

What is a museum exhibition tour for students?

The two-hour long program facilitated by a VHEC docent consists of an interactive tour through the current exhibition and an interactive workshop in the education room.

Why should I sign up?

Outcomes for Students

In a docent-led interactive program, students learn about the persecution of the German-Jewish Hahn family under the Nazi regime and the looting of their belongings by the Nazis including their silver Judaica collection. By engaging with primary sources comprised of rare artefacts, photographs, official documents and letters, students discuss prompts promoting critical thinking and reflection on personal and social values.

We invite you to read a sample of notes sent to us from students.

Outcomes for Teachers

Both the interactive tour and interactive workshop led by a docent are designed to be in alignment with the new BC curriculum and foster its core competencies:

  • Critical and creative thinking: prompted by discussion questions and interactive teaching practices
  • Personalized and question-based learning: fostered by learning with primary sources through the exploration of artefacts and documents
  • Thinking about personal and social values: prompted by the broader themes of the exhibition (i.e., What does justice look like in the aftermath of persecution and murder of the Jews in Europe? What is the intergenerational legacy of the Holocaust? What does reconciliation after injustice mean for the victims’ family, or a country?)
  • Technology enhanced: encouraged through students’ engagement with audio-visual survivor testimony as part of the exhibition’s media room
  • Flexible learning environment: being in the museum and workshop space offers learning on diverse levels including reading, visual, audio-visual and interactive

Who are the tours and workshops suitable for?

  • Recommended class size is 30 students
  • Recommended for students of grades 6 to 12 (can be tailored to secondary students, student teachers, and other groups)
  • If you would like to visit with two classes (60 students), two docents will concurrently facilitate the program while one class starts with the tour and one class with the workshop

Is there a fee?

With generous sponsorship from the Diamond Foundation, the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre is pleased to offer free admission for museum exhibition tours until December 2020.

Diamond Foundation

How do I sign up?

You have two options:

  1. Complete and submit the request form below, or
  2. Contact us

What else should we know?

  • Due to the high volume of requests for tours, we recommend that you book at least two weeks in advance.
  • We would appreciate three days cancellation notice.

Contact us with any further questions you may have.