For Teachers: Discovery Kits

Outside the Attic Walls

Outside the Attic Walls complements the study of Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl and features artefacts such as: a Jewish star sewn onto a coat, a child’s toy, identity cards, ration coupons and photographs belonging to child survivors of the Holocaust who, like Anne Frank, were hidden in the Netherlands. Recommended for Grade 5 and above.

Sponsored by the Vancouver Foundation.

Journey to Canada:
The War Orphans Project 1947 – 1949

Journey to Canada explores the aftermath of war, the arrival of Holocaust orphans in Canada and Canada’s multicultural immigration history. The kit makes use of primary artefacts such as: letters, diaries, newspaper articles, photographs, identification cards and government documents. The seven modules can be set up as stations and used for individual or group work. Recommended for Grade 7 and above.

Sponsored by BC Heritage Trust, Xerox Canada & Pacific Bindery Services Ltd.


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