Online Exhibitions

VHEC online exhibitions present an interactive digital record of a physical exhibition. Access to information presented in an exhibition is no longer restricted to those with the ability to travel to our museum but is available to anyone with a computer and an internet connection.

“Enemy Aliens”: The Internment of Jewish Refugees in Canada, 1940-1943

The “Enemy Aliens” online exhibition explores a little-known chapter of Canadian history through artefacts and eyewitness testimony. This online exhibition features a comprehensive teaching resource, the Learning Object Collection, which was developed in partnership with Dr. Peter Seixas, Director of UBC’s Centre for the Study of Historical Consciousness. The Learning Object Collection includes exhibit-based lesson plans […]

More Than Just Games: Canada and the 1936 Olympics

The website presents the exhibits as an educational opportunity for students of Canadian history and as a model for developing historical thinking. Five lessons encourage students to critically examine the history of the 1936 Games and Canada’s response to Nazism. View Online Exhibit

Nuremberg: Justice in the Aftermath of the Holocaust

Over 60 years after the Allies established the International Military Tribunal to try Nazi leaders for their roles in the systematic murder of millions of people during the Holocaust and Second World War, the Nuremberg trials stand as a watershed moment in the ongoing pursuit of international justice. The Nuremberg exhibit traces the history of […]

Open Hearts – Closed Doors

Following World War II, a group of young Jewish orphans immigrated to Canada from the devastation of Europe. Open Hearts – Closed Doors: The War Orphans Project is an online teaching exhibit that chronicles the lives of these orphans as they emerged from the events of the Holocaust into displaced person camps and eventually to new lives […]

Rhodes and the Holocaust: One Survivor’s Story

At the outbreak of the Second World War, Jews had lived on the island of Rhodes in the Aegean Sea for over 2,300 years. Ninety percent of the Jewish population of Rhodes perished during the Holocaust. This online exhibit presents the testimony of a Vancouver-based survivor from the island, Rosa Israel Ferrara. View Online Exhibit