Antisemitism – You Can Make A Difference

Media Literacy, Anti-Jewish Propaganda and How to Stand Up Against Hate

Developed by the VHEC in response to the rise of antisemitism in British Columbia, Canada and around the world, this online workshop provides practical step-by-step guidelines and empowers students and the general public to become upstanders against antisemitism and other forms of racism.


  • Free-of-charge
  • Recommended for students in grades 10 through 12 (possible adaptions for students in grades 8–9)
  • Accessible to learners at any time after registration
  • Offers different levels of engagement and learning at the user’s own pace
  • Is of flexible duration:
    2 hours, clips and presentation only
    3 hours, with optional extensions
    30-40 minutes, one of three workshop parts taken as an independent lesson
  • Features a student media literacy tool kit and a conversation template on how to speak up against antisemitism
  • Includes video-recorded student questions on antisemitism and messages from members of the Jewish community in BC
  • Interactive features include downloadable student activities, review quizzes, a “gallery walk” and a teacher and students’ guide


  • Examine the most extreme forms of anti-Jewish hate as occurred during the Holocaust
  • Decode historical and contemporary antisemitic propaganda based on primary source examples
  • Reflect on the dangers and implications of historical and present-day antisemitism
  • Assess the reliability and credibility of sources through the media literacy tool kit
  • Practice standing up against antisemitic behaviour by employing a conversation template
  • Learn about diverse forms of civic engagement to pursue a more just world

Register with your contact information at https://vhecprograms.thinkific.com/courses/antisemitism-you-can-make-a-difference or click “Enroll for Free” below.


Pigeon: Facing Choices, Making Decisions during the Holocaust

This interactive online workshop, delivered via Zoom, consists of the Emmy- and Gemini-nominated short film, Pigeon, that focuses on decision making and rescue during the Holocaust, followed by an interactive presentation by a VHEC docent.

This workshop is designed to cover one teaching unit. Questions by the workshop facilitator foster critical thinking and ideas about social responsibility, two core competencies of the BC curriculum. Please book at least two weeks in advance. If you have to cancel, we appreciate a minimum of three days cancellation notice.


  • Duration is 60 minutes for secondary school classes and 45 minutes for elementary school classes, or as per agreement with the Centre
  • Morning or afternoon live sessions offered
  • Recommended for 30 students maximum
  • Designed for students in grades 6 to 12 (can be tailored to secondary students)


Students learn about the systematic persecution of Jews in France and acts of rescue during the Holocaust. The interactive workshop stimulates thoughts among students about the choices we all make and about motivations for making them.

Read workshop responses sent to us by students here.

Please note:

Teachers and students need strong Wi-Fi connections and basic (free) Zoom accounts. The VHEC volunteer docent who will facilitate the workshop will host the Zoom meeting.

With generous sponsorship from the Diamond Foundation, the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre is pleased to offer this program free of charge.

Contact us with any questions or to make a booking, or use the booking request form below.


  1. Complete this form to book the Pigeon zoom workshop.
  2. Clearly indicate any special requirements for your group
  3. Once you have submitted your form, one of our staff members will contact you to confirm your registration.

Thank you for your interest in this school program.

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