Pigeon: Facing Choices, Making Decisions during the Holocaust

This interactive workshop is available as a hybrid model, both in-person and online via Zoom. The session consists of the Emmy- and Gemini-nominated short film, Pigeon, that focuses on decision making and rescue during the Holocaust, followed by an interactive presentation by a VHEC docent.

This workshop is designed to cover one teaching unit. Questions by the workshop facilitator foster critical thinking and ideas about social responsibility, two core competencies of the BC curriculum. Please book at least two weeks in advance. If you have to cancel, we appreciate a minimum of three days cancellation notice.


  • Duration is 60 minutes for secondary school classes and 45 minutes for elementary school classes, or as per agreement with the Centre
  • Morning or afternoon live sessions offered
  • Recommended for 30 students maximum
  • Designed for students in grades 6 to 12 (can be tailored to secondary students)
  • Available at a cost of $150 per class. Subsidies (reduced or waived fees) are available upon request thanks to generous support from Summit Ice®.


Students learn about the systematic persecution of Jews in France and acts of rescue during the Holocaust. The interactive workshop stimulates thoughts among students about the choices we all make and about motivations for making them.

Read workshop responses sent to us by students here.

Please note:

Teachers and students need strong Wi-Fi connections and basic (free) Zoom accounts. The VHEC volunteer docent who will facilitate the workshop will host the Zoom meeting.

Contact us with any questions or to make a booking, or use the booking request form below.


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