Teitelbaum Recipe Book

The Teitelbaum recipe book is a handmade book of recipes and songs, compiled by Rebecca Teitelbaum while in Ravensbrück concentration camp. In secret and at great risk, Teitelbaum stole paper and an indigo pencil from the office in order to create the recipe book. The paper was used sparingly, with two recipes per page; she filled 110 pages in total. Teitelbaum traded food for a needle and thread and meticulously stitched and bound the pages. She wrote the recipes in French so that the women in the camp, most of whom were from Belgium, could read them. Recipes include Mousse au chocolat, Gelée de groseilles, Gâteau neige, Plat Hongrois, Ouef Hollandais, Sabayon Italien and Rebecca’s own Gateau à l’Orange.